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A happy patient of Dr. Ralph Lemongello in Wayne New Jersey 07470 chiropractorKevin Thompson, Age 42, World Champion, Master [Martial Arts/Karate]

I first came to Dr. Ralph in November of 1991 at the insistence of my brother, whose whole family were patients, including his kids. I had hurt my back in a Karate tournament (I'm a professional Karate competitor and instructor) and nothing else was working for me. After 2 weeks of treatment, 3 times a week, Dr. Ralph made me a believer: in Chiropractic and in the magic of his hands. I was so impressed with the Doc's capabilities that I later brought in my own wife when she had back problems. Now, nobody puts their hands on my wife, but I trust Dr. Ralph, and she & I have both been very pleased.

My best Dr. Ralph story is this one. In late September of 2003, I was prepping for the biggest bouts of my professional Karate career, a big set fight: the Diamond Nationals World Karate Championships October 3-4, 2003, in St. Paul, MN. [Chuck Norris was one you might recognize who made his name winning this Championship back in the day.] I was in another tournament one week before the big Championships to gear up, and really hurt my back. It was so bad, I felt crippled, I could hardly walk, the pain was excruciating (& believe me, I can take a lot of pain). My dream of being the recognized World Champion was crumbling before my eyes. I went straight in to Dr. Ralph on the Monday and he went to work on me every day that week. After Wednesday, I still had to ask if I should cancel my flight, but the Doc said no. Sure enough, after Friday's treatment I was back! I climbed on that plane Saturday morning, went to St. Paul, and won all three WorldGrand Championships: Kata, Weapons & Fighting. When I got back, I brought one of the three trophies in to the Doc! I have won a lot of trophies in my career, from a very early age, but the only ones to have one are family, and I consider the Doc to be family.

One other story I'll share: before the Diamond Nationals, back in mid-2003, I had a problem with my leg. Now, a leg problem that prevents you from kicking for a professional in the martial arts is a big thing. I figured that my leg had nothing to do with my back, so I went to my regular MD. He gave me a full exam, X-rays, everything: no answers. My MD prescribed pain killers, strong ones, but they
didn't solve the problem: the pain was covered over, but I still had no power in my kick with that leg. In desperation, I finally did what I should have done in the first place: I went to Dr. Ralph. After about 3 sessions, he had me back kicking at full power! (Stopped those medications with their nasty side effects, too.) I learned my lesson. Now, if anything is going on with my body, I go to Dr. Ralph first. If it's something he can't help, he'll be right up front to tell me.

I still come in religiously with any problems - and in my business, things happen, OK? The Doc and I share a mutual love for the [martial] arts, and he always finds the way to make you very relaxed about being in his care.

Howie Lyne, 56, Retired Police Officer, Rockville, IN

I was referred to Dr. Ralph by a mutual friend.. I was suffering pain in my lower back. I was diagnosed after an MRI with a herniated disc which was pressing on my sciatic nerve, causing excruciating pain in my left hip with each step I took. The only position that was without pain was flat on my back. Standing, sitting or walking all caused great pain. I was almost totally immobile. Before I found Dr. Ralph, I went to the medical doctors at the Veteran's Administration. They recommended surgery on the ruptured disc, which couldn't
be scheduled before April of 2005. Until that time, pain was to be managed with large doses of Hydrocodone, Tramadol and Ibuprofen. Surgery and lots of drugs did not appeal to me. I tried a local chiropractor instead, but his treatments gave only minimum relief. So, in desperation, I took my friend's advice and came to Dr. Ralph.

After only three adjustments by Dr. Ralph in October of 2004, the pain in my hip was greatly diminished, increasing my mobility and allowing me to stand, sit and walk without the agonizing pain previously described. I am confident that under Dr. Ralph's care the pain I suffer can be almost totally alleviated. I live in central Indiana and traveled 800 miles to be treated by Dr. Ralph. The treatments I have received resulting in the reduction of my pain have been nothing short of miraculous.

I re-aggravated my condition again in December of 2004, practicing defensive arts. There was no question about what I needed to do: I climbed in my car and drove the 800 miles again. I'm not too proud to tell you that I walked into Dr. Ralph's office leaning on a cane. After four treatments in four days, I was standing straight, I was able to handle complex moves without pain, and was ready for the long drive home.

P.S.: Dr. Ralph has my phone number. Anybody who wants to hear my story from the horse's mouth can call me in Indiana. I'll be glad to tell them anything they want to know… [Doctor's note: Howie has not had to return since December 2004.]

A happy patient of Dr. Ralph Lemongello in Wayne New Jersey 07470 chiropractorStephen Settino, 43, Chiropractor, Tenerife, (Canary Islands) Spain

Dr. Ralph is what we in chiropractic call the Chiropractor's Chiropractor. In other words, he is the cream of the crop. I have been a chiropractor for 15 years and for all those years I have been going to Dr. Ralph for my adjustments. For most of this time I was living in New York (about a 45 minute drive each way) and still went regularly to his office. Now I live and practice in Europe and make it a point to get to his office whenever I am back in the area. Often times I will go to see Dr. Ralph straight from the airport before I visit with family and friends. This is how important his adjustments are to me! The care I have received in his office has made an incredible difference in my life. I have been in some tough spots with my back and health and Dr. Ralph has always helped me.

I first was drawn to him because of the specific technique and approach he uses to adjust the spine and human framework. I found his name in a special directory of doctors practicing this technique while I was still in chiropractic school. I needed to find a chiropractor for my sister who was living in Bloomfield, a chiropractor I thought could best help her, after the first three she tried really couldn't. I was delighted to find Dr. Ralph practicing 1 ½ miles from where she lived! She was very pleased with the care she received and the professionalism at Dr. Ralph's office. She finally found that she not only felt better but finally had more energy, more vitality and was functioning better on many levels - health, work, exercise, sports, socially. These are benefits we all realize as we "get the power turned on" in our bodies with chiropractic care! There is nothing like it - Chiropractic is a separate and distinct approach to health and life. We all want to live as close to 100% as possible and chiropractic is the best way to do this. This is why I am a chiropractor myself. We all can benefit from chiropractic care. Chiropractic is for everyone. Everybody should get their spines checked, young and older, with symptoms and without symptoms.

I have been going to Dr. Ralph all these years to maintain my health, to remain pain free and to continue to live with vitality. Because the spine and the nervous system control and coordinate all the functions of our bodies, chiropractic care can take us to new heights. Dr. Ralph is one of the best around! I can say this with confidence, being a chiropractor and from receiving his adjustments over the course of many years.

Michael Petronaci, 38, Police Officer, Bloomfield, NJ

I had been in a car accident, which sent me to medical doctors and another chiropractor. The MD’s just prescribed pain killers and anti-inflammatories, which did nothing to fix my underlying problem. The other chiropractor treated me 2-3 times per week for 8 months. Honestly, I didn’t feel better there until I stopped. My job constantly re-aggravated my condition: at the time, I worked the police ambulance squad and constantly had to bend and buck (often heavy) patients in and out of the ambulance. Brutal.

I found Dr. Ralph in June of 2005 after a referral from a friend on the force who swore by him. By then, I was a mess: low back, mid back, upper back, shoulders, pain down my leg – you name it. Dr. Ralph did a very in-depth diagnostic on me, with X-rays, and I could tell instantly that his adjustments were for real and right on target. During a very intensive period on the job for me, Dr. Ralph kept me physically together and functioning.

Once I was finally able to shift to normal police duty, the long-term improvement from Dr. Ralph’s treatments started to take hold. In 2009, I went over 10 months without pain and without needing treatment, thanks to Dr. Ralph’s unique approach. When I put my back out again in late 2009, he got me back on track in only 2 treatments! This latest run without a problem has been almost a year: finally a doctor who really wants to get and keep me well!

If you had told me back in 2005 that I would ever be pain free and functioning full out on the job for months at a time, I would have said you were nuts. Dr. Ralph worked a miracle with me. Whenever I start to feel trouble now, I know exactly where to come.

Rick Rosenberg, 52, Owner, Limousine Service, Hackensack, NJ

(A former patient of Dr. Clarence Gonstead himself)
Where does one start? About three weeks ago Dr. Lemongello added to my treatment plan and I was almost positive that was the missing piece. Yesterday I had an adjustment and now I know my 29-year journey of pain, fear, hopes and disappointments is about to end. More than anything I can finally admit how bad it was without fear of people knowing.

I will start when I was 10 years old (1962) growing up on a farm in northern Iowa. I do not remember what I did, but that night I’ll never forget the pain when I tried to go to bed. The pain was excoriating, and I ask my dad what I should do because I saw him go through his back problems. He told me to sleep with a pillow under my knees. From that day forward I do not ever remember having a day where my back and right hip did not hurt.

Fast-forward to 1975, riding in a patrol car when my partner, who was driving, pulled in front of truck on a wet rainy afternoon. The truck slammed into my side of the patrol car. The next day when I got up was the beginning of a 29 year journey that has taken me to 41 Chiropractors in 8 states and an equal number and variety of medical doctors, a broken marriage, never ending pain, and a greater amount of fear. I learned early on not to tell people how bad it was because they would just want to get as far away from me as possible.

Now it is November of 1979, and I was being treated at Gonstead Clinic in Mt. Horeb, WI, but I agreed to go through a battery of tests at University of Wisconsin Hospital to satisfy my wife. My condition had deteriorated to the point that I had to liquefy all my food in a food processor because I could not swallow without choking. I could not dress myself, so I put safety pins in socks, underwear, and pants; used a straightened out coat hanger to hook through the safety pins to pull up my clothes. The pain was so bad I could not drive more than several miles, or sit for more than a few minutes. The pain was so bad I could only walk one block at a time. The doctor and a social worker met with my wife to give her the bad news. She told them she could not take it anymore, they suggested putting me in a nursing home for physical therapy, and if that did not work, to live there. When they told me this I was stunned and shocked. I told them no way, I had faith in Dr. Gonstead and tried explaining to them my reasons and his new treatment plan. The medical doctor told my wife we perhaps should give it a try because he was not going to be able to help me. They offered to have her come there for counseling. She was furious.

A month later my wife left. I could not drive myself all the way to Gonstead Clinic from Madison, WI. I was out of options. I rented a room without cooking facilities from the x-ray technician at Gonstead Clinic, my brother sold me his old car, I had no car, and dropped me off at the room, which was three miles from Gonstead Clinic. Plus Dr. Gonstead had passed away. This was a really scary time; if Dr. Alex and Dr. Stoner could not heal me it was a nursing home, because everyone else had given up on me and I would not have any place to go if I could not care for myself.

The year before Dr. Gonstead passed he had formulated a new treatment plan for me. The other Chiropractors there told me it was different then anything they had seen before, thank God it worked. By late fall of 1980 I was able to work part time, and then back to college part time.

The problem in my right hip persisted however and finally in the fall of 1996 the ugly monster reappeared. I woke up in the middle of the night and with excruciating pain again. I found a Gonstead Doctor who got me well enough to work again, but the pain in my hip and back persisted.

Move on to the spring of 2003, another relapse. Now I was really in trouble, when I walked I couldn’t straighten out my right leg, I walked with a limp. I could not get up and down the steps without hanging onto something because of the pain in my knees. And I could barely walk to get from the airport to the parking lot because of the pain in my hip and back. (I run a car service) In fact one day a client asked me if I was okay because I was sweating so bad because of the pain. And, I could barely stand the pain in my right hip from pushing on the brake and gas pedal while driving my clients. Worse of all I had started a car service in New York to go with the car service I had in Los Angeles. I could barely stand the pain to fly back and forth, if it got any worse I would not be able to fly. Then what would I do? I could not grow either city until I figured out what to do with my back and hip, and I was running out of time and money because of the expansion, I was caught in the middle, I had to grow both cities or give one of them up.

Now it is 2004, enter Dr. Lemongello, my savior. Being a Gonstead Doctor he quickly adapted Dr. Gonstead’s treatment plan for me. But I knew there was something missing in that plan because I never completely recovered and kept having relapses and the relapses were getting worse. From my past experiences, I was reluctant to approach Dr. Lemongello with these facts for fear of being given up on. Then about two months ago Dr. Lemongello started mixing up Dr. Gonsead’s treatment plan and it really helped, I could tell right away that he was close. No other Chiropractor had completely put together when and how to switch up the adjustments.

Then about three weeks ago he added another piece of the puzzle to my treatment plan, a new piece S2. I just knew that was it, but I was reluctant to get too excited. After my treatment yesterday I knew that was it, all the pieces were in place. Discovering that last piece and Dr. Lemongello’s ability to know what to work on and when was the secret. After 29 years, 41 Chiropractors, endless medical peoples it is over. Now I can tell the truth, I do not have to worry anymore, it is over. The fear of being told I am sorry, but I cannot help you. Now I can live my life without fear and realize my professional dreams.

You have given me a second chance on life; very few people are that lucky.
Thank You Dr. Lemongello!

Marybeth Levandoski, 46, Registered Nurse Montclair, NJ

Most people think of chiropractors when they are having a back or neck problem. They hear from others that these pains are eliminated be adjustments. Yet despite the success stories from friends and neighbors who have received relief from chiropractors, some are still hesitant to pursue such treatment. I am a registered nurse who has benefited greatly from chiropractic medicine. I must say first and foremost that this is true because my chiropractor is Dr. Ralph Lemongello. My husband and I have chronic back and neck problems that have been routinely corrected by Dr. Ralph since 1993. Yet I write today to share with you the many other benefits of chiropractic medicine with Dr. Ralph Lemongello.

A few years back, I had an episode of bells palsy in my face. Bells palsy is a temporary paralysis of one side of your face because of a problem with the facial nerves. In some cases it is not completely reversible. I sought treatment immediately with Dr. Ralph who adjusted my neck and jaw to alleviate the pressure on the nerves involved. I had a complete recovery.

Our children are also patients of Dr. Ralph’s and not only do we see him when there are headaches or backaches or hip discomfort due to mild scoliosis, but also when we experience cold or flu-like symptoms. The proper adjustment can greatly diminish the length of these illnesses.

The most recent success story involving Dr. Ralph’s expertise was when our younger daughter (age 13) sprained her ankle while playing basketball. It was a severe sprain requiring orthopedic visits and physical therapy. She was in a lot of pain and could only get around with the aid of crutches. We finally thought to ask Dr. Ralph to evaluate her. He did his usual thorough diagnostic examination and recommended chiropractic adjustments to her lower back and directly to the ankle, plus application of the new Cold Laser to the ankle area to promote healing. After one visit with him, including the Cold Laser treatment, her pain was reduced enough that she was able to begin walking again – not too far, but it was a first without her crutches. We continued to see Dr. Ralph for chiropractic adjustments plus the Cold Laser treatments for a total of eight visits over three weeks, and our daughter’s progress was remarkable. Her orthopedic doctor and physical therapist were amazed at how quickly she healed. She was even able to play basketball again before her season ended. We were skeptical of this new treatment at first, but no one can argue with the results: Cold Laser added to proper chiropractic adjustments really works!

Dr. Ralph is gifted in his field and has a great bedside manner as well. His office is clean and well maintained and he is able to meet the needs of each of his patients. My family’s overall health and well being is improved because we are his patients. I only wish that more people would see the benefit of chiropractic medicine and put their trust in Dr. Ralph Lemongello.

Santo Renda, 58, Musician, Belleville, NJ

Fifteen years ago, my sciatica pain was getting worse to the point where I was becoming less mobile each day. I went thru’ an entire summer in pain, despite the efforts of a couple of medical doctors. All they could come up with was to prescribe pain killers, nothing to actually solve my problem. It reached the point where I couldn’t take enough Motrin to cover the pain. I tried a couple of other chiropractors. They gave me some relief, but nothing that seemed to last more than a day or so.

One of these other chiropractors finally referred me to Dr. Ralph Lemongello. At that point, I was a very nervous patient and thought that I would not feel comfortable with anyone new. I was wrong. Dr. Ralph upon one visit allowed me to walk over two miles with almost no pain.